Generace Rock – live party band with show full of hits - Generation Rock!



If you are interested in our music performance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare performance of your desired length in accordance with your specific requirements. We may tentatively discuss with you all the conditions and are able to adapt to all forms of projects: from classical gigs through private and corporate events, parties, to all kinds of proms.

Gala nights, Proms, Balls

Because of the regarding demand from students and organizers of school balls, we have prepared an exclusive 3-hour musical program with ball dancing repertoire. For these purposes, we have also expanded the group of brass section. Not only that we are able to play the whole ball, we can help you with the preparation of entries and technical issues in general. We combine the ballroom repertoire with our rock focus, so that the evening moves from classical dances into our rock show full of hits. Thanks to this we can satisfy the needs of ballroom dancers as well as graduates. Of course we are still able to provide you with just a single appearance as a second band with our classic rock repertoire, where we play after the prom band as the highlight of the evening.


Our starting point is the in the middle of the Czech Republic but we are used to travel beyond its borders or over the sea. For us the distance is never too far.

Sound and lighting

As a part of our performance, we provide professional sound and light show. Because we work with quality sound and light engineers, we are able to adapt to any space, from small clubs to the largest outdoor events and halls.


Zdeněk Zázvůrek

tel.: +420 731 618 286